Where To Buy Founder Brad Schwarze

Where To Buy Founder

Where To Buy Founder

Who Is Where To Buy

Hi there.  My name is Brad Schwarze and I am the founder of the website wheretobuy.xyz.  I am from West central Minnesota where I live on 5 acres of land in the country. Enjoying anything outdoors, you will normally find me in my large garden, or somewhere landscaping .  People have always been a big part of my life and because of this, it has always been my desire to help them.

I graduated from Glencoe Senior High School way back in 1983 and then went on to obtain my Sales and Marketing degree.  Since then I have always been involved in sales or customer service in one way or the other.  I have spent the last 11 years helping my father out at Hutch Sew and Vac in Hutchinson Minnesota.  He specializes in the sales and service of sewing machines and vacuum cleaners.  He has totally trained me in the repair aspects of this field .  I hold this dearly because sewing machine mechanics are a dying breed and there is no school to attend that could teach me what he has.

Where To Buy – The Website

Last month, after owning and maintaining several websites over the years I decided to open up wheretobuy.xyz.  Inside the site you will find products and services which
have been researched by myself.  I am trying to give you a variety of products and services that you may be actually looking into.  Because of this it will be a site that is changing if not daily, weekly.  It is very important to me that you are informed in a unbiased way so I am trying to be very neutral for you, sticking only to the important facts.

So, if you like, come on inside and see what you think.  Obviously I have just started this site.  There is alot more on the way !!!

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